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Faktoro is constantly expanding its network of friends and partners.

This can be particularly useful for small and medium companies that buy goods or services from suppliers.

To talk about possible partnerships and financing solutions for your suppliers, please get in touch by filling in the form.

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One fee
Faktoro charges a single transparent fee ranging from 0.5% to 2% per 30-day grace period.
30 to 180 days payment term
Faktoro does not finance overdue accounts.
Fast financing
The money appears in the customer's bank account in less than 24 hours.
Cooperation structure
1. Confirm credit limits for your suppliers

Faktoro assigns credit limits available to your suppliers

Duration: 1 week

2. The supplier invoices you for the goods or services delivered
3. Jūs patvirtinate sąskaitos tikrumą
4. Faktoro finances your suppliers
More working capital
Faktoro finances the invoiced amounts, so suppliers do not worry about payments. You have more working capital due to longer deferral periods.
Bargaining power
By negotiating with your suppliers, you can offer Faktoro finance solutions to even the smallest of your partners. With secured financing, suppliers offer you better terms and lower prices.
Stability of your suppliers
Your suppliers are no longer worried about working capital and can concentrate on what they know best - their business. You can be sure that your orders will be fulfilled on time.
How to start cooperation?
1. Signing a cooperation agreement

Faktoro and you sign a cooperation agreement.
You provide a list of your suppliers.
Faktoro contacts your suppliers and offers financing.

2. Information material for your suppliers
3. Stable funding
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