Factoring for your business development

Do not wait for the invoices to be paid. Get paid for invoices now and employ money for business development.

Classic factoring
Financing of the invoices you issue to customers. The cheapest and fastest way to turn invoices into cash!
Silent factoring
Financing of invoices that you issue to customers in Lithuania or abroad, when your customer is not informed about the financing.
Reverse factoring
Financing of invoices issued to you by suppliers in Lithuania or abroad. It is a suitable financial product when you have a buyer to whom you will supply goods but do not have working capital to buy those goods.
Export factoring
Financing of the invoices you issue to customers abroad. Faktoro bears all the risk of the client’s insolvency, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the partner.
How factoring works?

Invoice financing – factoring is a particularly quick and easy way to get working capital. Simply sell your invoice to Faktoro and use the received working capital to grow your business!

What suits most often suits no one

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to choose the most appropriate method of financing.

Faktoro will evaluate the activities of your company and the specifics of the sector, and offer financing solutions that best meet your needs.

Let’s talk it through!

Single use
  • 0% contract fee
  • 0.9-2% invoice funding fee
  • Economical as you only pay when you use
  • For invoices from
    EUR 5 000
  • Invoice payment period up to 120 days
  • Convenient for occasional working capital needs
  • Fast – money is disbursed within 24 hours of account upload
Invoice amount (€)
Payment term (days)
You will receive immediately
You receive after your buyer pays us
You receive in total
This is a preliminary calculator. We will provide you with an exact quote upon completion of the application form.
  • 0.5% annual contract fee
  • 0.1-2% annual interest
  • Financing from €30 000 to €1 000 000
  • Invoice deferral period up to 180 days.
  • Individual – we evaluate each case
  • Exceptionally fast – we plan ahead together
  • Flexible – more business growth opportunities
  • Lower costs