Financing solutions based on the business sector

What suits most often suits no one. We understand that each business sector has its own characteristics and details; therefore, we do not offer you a standardised financing product. Exceptional customer focus and excellent knowledge of different lines of business make us more than corporate financiers, we are also advisers.

We know how to grow your business
More goods
You can order more goods or raw materials
Larger orders
You can execute higher-value orders because you do not freeze your funds
More partners
Being able to provide longer grace periods allows you to work with more companies
Benefits of factoring

Invoice financing – factoring is a particularly quick and easy way to get working capital. Simply sell your invoice to Faktoro and use the received working capital to grow your business!

Wholesale companies

Wholesalers face a long freeze on working capital in the supply chain. Depending on the time between the purchase of goods and the final payment from buyers, the need for working capital also varies from a few weeks to as much as 5 months.

Manufacturing companies

Working capital is especially important for manufacturing companies. Due to lack of funds, such companies can no longer fulfil all orders, which leads to delays in production that, in turn, cause additional problems.

With more working capital, companies can pay salaries on time, order larger quantities of raw materials for production, invest in larger orders, or upgrade their equipment and expand to new markets.

Infrastructure and construction companies

The construction business is very demanding of working capital. Increasingly expensive materials and workers, unforeseen issues leading to longer work deadlines are among the many factors in the lack of working capital. Although the work has already been closed and the invoice issued, you are still waiting for the money.

Companies financing invoices can help carry out the work faster, i.e., buy materials, hire workers or subcontract. This helps them grow bigger and stronger faster.

Transport and logistics companies

Most successful transport and logistics companies face a lack of working capital; to expand quickly, they have to accept as many orders as possible. The 30-45 day deferral prevailing in the sector is a serious challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Drivers salaries and daily allowances, gas and taxes cannot wait very long. With account financing, companies can accept more and larger orders as there is no shortage of working capital and they receive payment for the invoices as soon as they are issued.

Start-ups and young business

Newly established companies incur particularly high costs and do not yet have the accumulated profits and funds to maintain turnover. Every order is paramount and customer satisfaction determines the further success of the business.

To be able to fulfil all orders, order materials or services, pay salaries on time or invest in business development, there is a need for sufficient working capital.

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