Financing for companies taking part in public procurement

Companies involved in public procurement as suppliers of goods or services face a lack of working capital. To take part in higher-value purchases, companies must have a large amount of working capital to buy goods, pay salaries, taxes, while payment for the delivered goods is received only after 30 – 60 days. Some companies cannot participate in such procurements due to a lack of working capital.

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How can factoring benefit companies involved in public procurement?
Take part in larger procurements
You can participate in larger orders or smaller companies can take part in large procurements and thus grow.
Buy cheaper
You can order larger quantities of goods, thus buying cheaper and earning more.
More procurements
You can take part in more public procurements: working with a financial partner ensures that you will always have enough working capital.
Clear deadlines
If the customer is late in paying: you will not face a lack of working capital because you have not frozen your working capital.
Financing on demand
Make use on-demand: you will pay the financing fee only for the period you make use of it, which is more convenient and cheaper than taking a business loan.
Making use on demand
You can select the invoices to be financed, so you will have the exact working capital you need!
Flexible financing solutions
If you do not have enough working capital to purchase the goods, you might be interested in our reverse factoring service - we will pay your supplier.
Exceptionally fast financing
Receive your working capital within 24 hours of submitting your application.
Single use
  • 0% contract fee
  • 0.9-2% invoice funding fee
  • Economical as you only pay when you use
  • For invoices from
    EUR 5 000
  • Invoice payment period up to 120 days
  • Convenient for occasional working capital needs
  • Fast – money is disbursed within 24 hours of account upload
Invoice amount (€)
Payment term (days)
You will receive immediately
You receive after your buyer pays us
You receive in total
This is a preliminary calculator. We will provide you with an exact quote upon completion of the application form.
  • 0.5% annual contract fee
  • 0.1-2% annual interest
  • Financing from €30 000 to €1 000 000
  • Invoice deferral period up to 180 days.
  • Individual – we evaluate each case
  • Exceptionally fast – we plan ahead together
  • Flexible – more business growth opportunities
  • Lower costs

Faktoro truly stands out from other financial institutions in terms of personal approach to the client and the funding speed. The company exceeded our expectations. We were provided a personal consultant who we can call anytime to get a solution that meets our needs. The money comes in on the same day we fill out the financing application on the page.

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