Why FAKTORO factoring is better than a bank loan?

You do not have to pledge the assets (save fees), pay liability (limit) and the administration fees, you will be able to get the financing even for a small amount. We also make one-time contracts, by financing separate accounts. You will get the money faster and more conveniently.

Can we expect better financing conditions, if using the services of FAKTORO everything goes smoothly?

FAKTORO evaluates customer loyalty and a good history of cooperation. We will offer even faster service and more favorable financing conditions for our loyal customers.

Do we incur any additional expenses if the buyer fails to pay on time the invoice, which is transferred to FAKTORO?

If payment deadlines are exceeded, we apply the amount of finance charge named in the agreement. On the client delay we will inform you immediately, so you can remind the client of the payment deadline. In order that the financing fee would not be further calculated due to overdue payment, you will be able to repurchase the claim rights from FAKTORO according to the invoice.

FAKTORO states that we will know the decision and get the money within 72 hours. Is this term respected?

If you submit the application and documents properly, you will know the decision and get the money in less than 24 hours. Try it!

Is it possible to submit an application and sign a contract live without the use of Web portal?

It can be done. If you do not have the opportunity to submit documents electronically, please contact us for a meeting.

Why FAKTORO offers to submit the application and related documents, get a response and to award the contract through the web?

By submitting the documents and the application via the FAKTORO website, you will save the significant time for your business. We ensure the security of the website, so you can be sure that the documents will remain confidential.

Are there any hidden fees?

All applied charges for services are identified on our website. Moreover a set amount of fees for a particular contract will be presented in a transparent way to you before the conclusion of the contract.

Who can get FAKTORO financing?

You have excellent opportunity to obtain funding, if for at least 3 past months you are selling goods and / or services to customers with a sustainable financial position and a good payment history.

How to get FAKTORO financing (factoring)?

You just need to fill out an application in www.faktoro.lt and submit the requested documents.

What is factoring?

Factoring is a method of working capital financing. You transfer your claims pursuant to issued invoice with deferred payment towards the buyer (debtor) to FAKTORO. FAKTORO immediately pays you up to 90 percent of the total amount invoiced. After the debtor settles with FAKTORO, we process the agreed fee for the factoring service and transfer the remaining amount to you.

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