Faktoro clients talk about Faktoro.

Projektavimo Sprendimai, UAB

When growing a business, we face a lack of working capital and time. FAKTORO solves both of the issues. We would recommend.

Karolis Sankauskas

Muskvila, UAB

Our company UAB Muskvila, which started operating in 2017, experienced a significant increase in turnover in 2019. Due to the doubling of sales, the company was in dire need of working capital. Banks operating in Lithuania did not finance a young and small company. We were lucky to have found the factoring company Faktoro right when we needed it, it provided a financial factoring service, i.e. financed our invoices to customers. Faktoro team is very professional, it is an excellent financial partner for small and medium-sized companies that are not eligible for financing by large Lithuanian banks.

Petras Šimeliūnas


Faktoro truly stands out from other financial institutions in terms of personal approach to the client and the funding speed. The company exceeded our expectations. We were provided a personal consultant who we can call anytime to get a solution that meets our needs. The money comes in on the same day we fill out the financing application on the page.

Tadas Vyšniauskas

CB Baltic, UAB

We are grateful to Faktoro for the prompt and professional approach to serving our financial needs, especially for the flexibility and collaboration when we need it most!

Valerij Bezborodyj

Finansinių konsultacijų centras, UAB

When consulting companies, we see that it is difficult for a smaller company to obtain working capital financing from a bank. Meanwhile, FAKTORO factoring is a particularly convenient way to finance working capital, so we are happy to recommend it to our customers.

Marius Čižas

Mportas, UAB

Our company grows an average of 3 times a year. Such rapid growth required additional working capital and flexible solutions. Faktoro offered us classic open and reverse factoring, we could thus order larger quantities of goods at a lower price. Faktoro managers helped us find the financing solutions that best met our needs. We would recommend!

Marius Petroševičius

Toka Food, MB

We are glad that FAKTORO trusted us and the cooperation began at the very early stage of the company. This was an important contribution to the company’s development and further growth. Faktoro team actively cooperates and advises on which financial tools can be used in business. I would recommend.

Tomas Karlonas