Partial interest reimbursement

Businesses or entrepreneurs can recover part of the funds for the interest paid on the loan and use these funds for other business needs.


Interest reimbursement
Reimbursement of up to 95% of the amount of interest actually paid but not more than 7% of the annual interest.
Maximum period
The maximum period for which interest can be reimbursed is 36 months.
De minimis aid
Reimbursement may be applied up to a de minimis aid of €200 000.
How to use the interest reimbursement measure?

The measure is provided by Invega, so in order to be reimbursed for interest on loans granted by Faktoro, you must fill out an electronic application on the Invega website.

1. Filling out the Invega application

To use the measure, one needs to submit an application to INVEGA via the electronic application system. Fill out the Invega application.


2. Invega paraiškos pildymo instrukcija
3. Reimbursement is paid monthly