Soft loans „Alternatyva“

We provide financing for business under the incentive financial instrument Alternative. The funds from the measure Alternative may finance various types of factoring and provide loans. Faktoro will help you find the form of financing that best suits your needs.


Invoice financing - Factoring with the "Alternatyva" measure
Invoice deferral period
30 to 180 days.
Financed amount
€5 000 to €1 000 000.
Up to 90% of the invoice amount.
Financing price
From 0.5% for a 30-day invoice deferral period.
Business loans with the Alternative measure
Loan duration
For a period of 6 to 60 months
Loan amount
€10,000 to €1,000,000.
Financing price
Loans with (real estate) collateral up to €1,000,000. Loans from 0.35% to 7% annual interest.
Types of factoring
The Alternative instrument offers classic, silent and reverse factoring.
Types of loans
The Alternative instrument can provide investment or working capital loans.
Interest reimbursement
Interest paid on loans granted from the Alternative instrument may be reimbursed.
The right financing for you
If you are not sure which funding is best for you or how to use Invega support, let Faktoro help you.
Toka Food, MB

We are glad that FAKTORO trusted us and the cooperation began at the very early stage of the company. This was an important contribution to the company’s development and further growth. Faktoro team actively cooperates and advises on which financial tools can be used in business. I would recommend.

Tomas Karlonas

What suits most suits no one

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to choose the most appropriate method of financing.

Faktoro will evaluate the activities of your company and the specifics of the sector, and offer financing solutions that best meet your needs.

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